Framed Music is a section of Komplexity Media where we initially focus on the creation of visual content for music. We offer artists and labels everything that has to do with the visual part of a music-release. We direct and produce music videos, promos, covers, logos, photoshoots or anything that comes to mind that has to catch the eye of an audience. The framed work is entirely for survival purposes, we do not condone or support anything thats visually captured; except  for personal expressions. 

Umano – Kl├Ąder
Directed by Joakim Bernardo & Carl Lundell

Ant Wan – Kall
Directed by Joakim Bernardo & Sofian Jegham

Rude Boy – Du Vet Ingenting ft. TPS

Chris – Serious ft. Dree Low

Ken Ring – Tillbaka i Tiden

Chris o Fada – 2Pacalypse

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